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President's Message

Welcome May! Summer is almost upon us with sunshine, festivities, and vacations on the horizon…and honestly, some vacation time sounds pretty good right about now. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like our industry has been booming over the past few months! Everyone I’ve talked to has been on overdrive to meet numerous proposal deadlines, develop business opportunities, and support exciting new projects. While this is all good news, it also means many of us are in danger of burnout. It’s easy to get too focused on the daily grind and lose sight of life’s other important moments…and your own sanity! So take a breath, take a break, slow down, stretch, enjoy the sun, take time for friends and family. You’ll actually improve your performance if you take a break now and then – even if it’s just a walk outside (yes, away from your email!).

As we enter the final stretch of my term as Chapter President, I’m eager to continue building on our chapter goals. Here’s the progress we’ve made so far:

  • Exceptional Member Experiences: Your feedback from the member survey in April is being used to develop unique, and meaningful experiences and paths to engagement. However, this is an ongoing process, so my “door” is always open for feedback and new ideas.

  • Clear and Consistent Communication: In the rollout of the biweekly Snapshot, we’ve begun streamlining our messages and announcements, and are still looking at more communications improvements. And with the introduction of new company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook, we’re encouraging more two-way communication and shares with members via social media channels. Please join the conversation!

  • Transparency and Accountability: The board and communications team have brainstormed some ideas for developing an organized framework for chapter information to ensure this is transparent and accessible to all members. We will roll this out by August along with updated chapter committee Policies & Procedures!

  • Long-Term Goals: The board also held a strategy session in late April to draft ideas for a 3-5 year strategic plan. We anticipate having a Draft Plan available for member review and comment by June! The final plan will be rolled out at our Annual Meeting in August to incorporate the Society-level brand roll-out to be announced at Build Business!

Thank you for the opportunity to represent SMPS Sacramento!

Tracy Jenkins, CPSM | SMPS Sacramento President
Marketing Manager | IEC Corporation

Make the most of your SMPS membership by:
Attending chapter networking activities;
Volunteering for one of our committees;
Becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

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