MySMPS is not just our members-only online community…it is our industry’s social networking tool. MySMPS is a tool that you absolutely should have in your marketing arsenal!

It's a...

  • Warm connection to potential teaming partners both near and far;
  • Wealth of marketing tools (like Blueprints, an interactive PDF containing model marketing/BD departments, recommended job descriptions, a self-assessment tool, and interview questions; and the Compensation and Metrics Survey, which provides real-time demographic data);
  • Marketing and BD Research treasure-trove (including research and white papers on everything from "The Client's Use of Social Media and Social Networking" to "Best Practices in Competitive Intelligence" to "Supersized Competition: What You Need to Know About the Creation of A/E/C Megafirms" and more);
  • Network of others who've "been there, done that," who WANT to help you succeed and who are more than happy to answer your questions (like what experience people have had with Pay to Play publications and insights on developing a comprehensive SOQ);
  • Searchable gizmo with ideas and resources to improve your performance and make your work easier (such as ideas on streamlining the proposal process, or how to adapt to the competitive landscape, or even ways to use LinkedIn to generate leads...simply search the Marketing Resource Center).

It makes building business easier. It'll make you look (and become) smarter. It's your own secret weapon that makes you invincible to kryptonite! Seriously, it's that good! But you've got to use it.

Not sure how? No problem, the Society's got you covered there. Simply go to and scroll down a bit. In the middle of the page, look for a blue header bar that says, "Getting Started." There are simple, easy to use instructions and even a user's guide if you want to get eve more in-depth. If that's not your thing, check out this video that'll show you how to access all that you've been missing.

Then, start a conversation with the Sacramento Chapter (hint: we have our own MySMPS community) and let everyone know what cool, new thing you've found.