Sponsor Spotlight

SMPS Sacramento is proud to celebrate the sponsors who make it possible for us to offer a higher level of programming and help our chapter continue to grow. Each month, we will also be recognizing one of our Industry Partner sponsors on the home page of our website and via social media.

How would you describe Marketlink to someone at a cocktail party? We tell people we are marketing consultants to architects, engineers and contractors.  We provide the marketing and sales expertise to help them get design and construction projects to move their company forward.

Describe Marketlink’s company culture. We designed the organization to be attractive to working moms because Keri and I are both working moms.  We’re a virtual company with all of us located throughout the Western US.  We connect via trips to each other and regular conference calls.

Is there anything you want to tell our members about your firm that we may not know? We’re coming up on almost 20 years as an organization!

What is the most exciting project in Marketlink’s portfolio and why? Our most exciting and highest profile project is the project that brought Keri and I together in the 90s.  We developed the proposal and interview for a civil engineering firm who won the design of the bobsled/luge run for the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002.

What marketing and/or business development efforts led you to that project? Starting a couple of years before the project was released, the firm’s marketing principal started upfront marketing and teaming discussions.  Then we started identifying the process, decision makers, and how to differentiate the team. We even designed specialized graphics to position the team as a unique entity for the project.

What are you doing differently this year to market your services to your clients?  We’ve really been dialing into social media this year. We offer to our online followers help with tips and tricks, and resource forms you can download to help with your various marketing programs.  We keep the blog on our website updated on a weekly basis with clear and practical information to make marketers’ jobs easier. Follow us!

Why do you find value in sponsoring SMPS? I’ve been a member of SMPS for almost 30 years and it has really become a second family.  Sponsoring the Sacramento Chapter and PRC is our way of showing our commitment to the organization while reminding them we’re here when they need that extra help.


 Keri Hammond and Stephanie Craft of Marketlink

Learn more about Marketlink online:

Website:  www.marketlinkaec.com

LinkedIn:  linked.com/company/marketlink-a-e-c-guidance

Facebook: www.facebook.com/marketlinkonline

Twitter: @marketlink_aec