Membership Benefits

  • Networking opportunities, which provide occupational support and are critical for growing business in the built environment.
  • Leadership opportunities and skill development through participation on committees and chapter boards of directors.
  • Professional development through national and regional conferences and programs that address the business challenges faced by marketers, business developers, and practitioners in the A/E/C industry.
  • Access to the journal Marketer and other targeted research and publications that provide information on economic trends and topics that impact the A/E/C industry.
  • The opportunity to earn professional credentials via the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program.


In addition, SMPS supports company growth by providing members with:

  • National and regional contacts that facilitate teaming opportunities, business referrals, and knowledge of A/E/C business practices, trends, and successes.
  • Professional development opportunities for business development, marketing, and technical staff members including training and leadership programs and venues for speaking and writing on A/E/C topics.
  • Opportunities to develop contacts and relationships in the greater A/E/C industry that create a greater sense of community and engage emerging leaders.
  • Programs and conferences to create connections among participants that lead directly to business opportunities with clients and teaming partners.


SMPS Membership Application